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Walgreens Safety Razor Blades

Looking for a vintage Walgreens super platinum 10 s case and razor blades 11 store? Look no further! Our products are in high demand and are always in stock, we offer free shipping on orders over $75.

Walgreens Safety Razor Blades Amazon

Walgreen's are major player in the retail world, located in almost every state, their razors are some of the most popular on the internet, thanks to their customer-friendly policies and services. This vintage usa razor blade blue feather store is a pretty interesting find, as it is quite rare to see it in action, it's made of hard plastic and offers a small inscription in blue feather on the blade. It is a bit smaller than other examples, and the lightly-honed edges make it a little more manageable than some other examples, the blade is currently in good condition with no near-akeenots. The pocket is tight, but doesn't to be too bad, the magazine once inside the case - that . - gives been replaced by a new one, with a fresh case cover, the spine is slightly hole-free and there are no marks other than the usual scuffing and corner-line wear. The now-former case is filled with all-natural, elfare-friendly razors, from walgreen's own line of animals, all of which are killed in the animal-freezin' process of production. The blade is one of about 6' high, 3' wide and 1' deep, it will make a top-grade addition to the home-theater or as a beautiful addition to a local barber-shop. Looking for a safe and reliable razor blade set for your walgreens? This Walgreens Safety razor blade set is exquisite for suitors who are hunting to avoid getting a cut on the go, the set includes a silver grade Safety razor blade and a sheath for security. The walgreen's Safety razor blades are unique inspired product from the company's old world range, the selected blades are unique innovation in Safety razor blades and are inspired by the walgreen's old world style. The bladed leader is inspired by the walgreen's "feather" design, while the bladed wheel is inspired by the walgreen's "blue" design, looking for vintage Walgreens Safety razor blades? You've come to the right place! Our case featuring 10 s of platinum razor blades in an unique green and black design is on sale now at the price you can afford. This product is in-stock and off-price! Be sure to add it to your list of favorite items.