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Voskhod Razor Blades

These teflon coated double edge safety razor blades are smooth and smooth running, providing you with all the glide you need for a smooth, experience, they are also water resistant making them terrific for days when you need to keep your skin clean and free of razor burn.

17 Russian Double Edge Razor Blade Sampler Pack Astra Voskhod Ripira 7 O'Clock

17 Russian Double Edge Razor

By Astra Voskhod Ripira Ladas Gillette PolSilver


Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Mixed Pack for Safety Razor CREATE YOUR SELECTION

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample

By Gillette Feather KAI Treet Astra Derby Rapira


Voskhod Teflon Coated DE Safety Razor Blade - 100 Double Edge Blades

Voskhod Teflon Coated DE Safety

By Rapira Blades (Russia)


New Sample Pack Gillete Astra Shark Voskhod Lord Derby

30 DE safety razor Blades

By Gillette, Lord, Shark, Derby, Astra and Voskhod


Voskhod Razor Blades Review

Looking for a new, smudge-free style of shaving? Try these razor blades! These double-edged safety razor blades are tiled with features, making them mildew and snowproof, the 8-strand red fiber is likewise water resistant, making it ideal for individuals using them in wet climates. Are you wanting for razor blades? Don't look anywhere than our 100 double edge razor blades, these blades are made of durable materials that will never lose their sharpness. This product is a pair of safety razor blades, they are 8 de safety razor blades and each blade is single edge. They are made of durable materials that will protect your skin, these blades are enticing for people who crave to be sure that their skin is getting a good amount of razor blades every time. This product is a teflon coated double edge razor blade, it is 5" wide by 3" long. It gives a black finish, the blade is full of life and feels unrivaled to use.