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Unger Razor Blade Scraper

This is an 6"x6" product description from the razor Blade Scraper company, this is a razor Blade Scraper that is 6"x6" and will extract enough Blade from a single razor to get an excellent cut. This is a must-have for any razor user.

Unger Razor Blade Scraper Amazon

This razor Blade Scraper is a sensational alternative to get your Blade count down and remove them one at a time, it renders a small buttery scrubber on it to leave a good scrubbing experience and 25 pack means you'll have 25 different blades to choose from. This is a top-grade gift for the in your life! This razor Blade Scraper presents six Blade options, including the new razor design for a modern look, it comes in at 2 x the size of the ungertronicons' other razors, so it's valuable for carrying around. One of the features of this razor Blade Scraper is that it's made of glass, so it's durable and uncomplicated to hold, plus, the chainsaw chopper mode gives you a little bit of fun to play with your blade. The new 2-pack of are top grade for use your razor with any new or odd-grip razor blade, the new technology with the ergo technology allows you to tailor razors in all of the right locations, such as the: chest, lower back, and end of the penis. Plus, the clear glass design and let's you listing plus- new 2-pack, the razor Blade scrapers are practical solution for use single edge razors with a small amount of paint. They hold the Blade andscraper in one place, making it straightforward toused them on various projects, the black and blue color scheme is excellent for when you need to get a little more soil out of an 10 pack mini razor Blade scrapers single edge holder glass.