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Treet Double Edge Razor Blades

Looking for a safe and reliable safety razor blade set? Search no more than the falcon Double Edge safety razor blades, these blades are made of durable materials that will provide you with protection and comfort throughout your entire experience with shaving. Plus, they include 10 x10 blades which provides an one-stop-shop for any upcoming shaving process.

100 count Treet 7 Days Platinum double edge razor blades
Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Mixed Pack for Safety Razor CREATE YOUR SELECTION

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample

By Gillette Feather KAI Treet Astra Derby Rapira


Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Pack (2x each for a total of 40 blades)

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample

By Astra Shark Derby Treet Lord Rapira


Treet Classic Razor Blades

Looking for a brand that extends a long and successful history of producing high quality safety razor blades? Then don't look anywhere than these carbon black 2 Edge blades are made with high quality materials and construction that will provide you with years of service, plus, they are backed by a variety of free shipping on orders over $50. Some of the blades they have available include the carbon black and white, the carbon black is produced of high-quality materials and is unrivalled for people who desiderate to go against the the white razor blade is more affordable and is unequaled for folks who yearn to go against the and get a blade that is white in color. These 10 silver carbon steel Double Edge razor blades are beneficial substitute to get your personal shaving needs done right, with a durable design, these blades are sure to keep your hair clean and free of dirt and bacteria. Whether you're wanting to go the extra mile with your shaving or just make sure your blades are the best possible quality, these shades are peerless surrogate for you! The Double Edge razor blades are made of carbon steel and are size 5, they have a black beauties inscription on the blade about their luxury quality. The blade is 8, 5 inches long. The blade is wei peace offering.