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Straight Edge Razor Blade

Looking for a top quality Straight Edge razor blade? Don't look anywhere than the 100 platinum stainless steel single Edge razor blades Straight Edge barber, our blades are made from 100 platinum stainless steel which is a stainless steel content that provides a high level of durability. The single Edge of the Straight Edge razor is protected by the barber Blade material, whether you’re a daily traveler or just taking care of your razor, our Blade will keep you digging good.

Shaving Cut

8" Straight Edge Razor Fixed

By Master USA


+ Classic Barber Straight Edge Razor Salon Shavette Folding Knife




NEW Outdoor Edge 3.5

NEW Outdoor Edge 3.5" Razor-Lite

By Outdoor Edge


Barber Razor Blade

This Blade is a Straight Edge razor Blade with a professional feel, it is produced from high-quality materials and measures just 6. 5 inches long, this Blade is terrific for shaving, hair shaving, or grooming your beard and mustache. This is a set of two new, upgraded razor blades for Straight razor, they are exceptional for a person who wants to keep their Straight razor clean and sharp. The blades are made of durable silver cleaver material and have a rich tanto design to them, this product is an 10-pc. Set of Straight razor blades for barbers, the blades are of the highest quality, made from high-quality materials. The set contains a foldable shaving knife, an 10-pc, set of blades, and a cover. This merkur double Edge razor is a top-of-the-heap way for enthusiasts searching for a heavy-duty razor, the Blade is included and is a top-notch quality item. This razor is top for people who ache to maintain a good scouring face, the razor is produced from merkur quality materials and is sure to provide you with the best results.