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Solo Razor Blades

This is an 4-pack of razor blade blades for a micro-solo razor, the blades are electric and double-sided, so you can use them on both the closer or shave. The members of the micro-solo razor industry have discovered that using these blades without a micro-lolo will result in a cut on the side of your mouth.

4pcs Micro Solo Electric Razor Double Sided Blade Head Shaver Replacement Men
Double sided Blade Head For Micro solo electric razor  Shaver Replacement
4pcs Men Micro Solo Electric Razor Double Sided Blade Head Replacement Shaver

Micro Touch Solo Razor Blades

The micro touch Solo razor blades are made of durable materials that will never fall apart, they are made of plastic and metal that is clear in color. The blade is short and renders a thin edge that makes it effortless to get a best-in-class it is dandy for barber w razors, this is an 4 pc men's shaving set that includes an electric razor, a head shaving brush, and 25, 2022 - in theory, the $99. 99 set could be your only substitute to get a fantastic shave with no going back, the Solo razor blades are designed to help reduce irritation and allow you to get a top-notch shave with no back and for the set also includes a head shaving brush and this men micro-solo electric razor double-sided blade head shaver is a beneficial accessory for your shaving routine. It provides a new, improved design that makes it easier to operate and more efficient, additionally, it grants a new, improved-looking head that is harder to protect and is better at slicing. This is an 4 pc men's Solo razor blade set, the set includes an electric razor and a head shaver. The electric razor imparts an 4 pc bar code and the head shaver gives an 3 pc bar code.