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Single Edge Razor Blade Sharpener

This Sharpener is designed to sharpen Single Edge razors and other razor blades, it is produced of heavy gauge wire and renders a sharp point that is terrific for getting that first-rate cutting edge. This Sharpener is again versatile because it can also be used to store away to keep your blades searching sharp.

Single Edge Razor Blade Sharpener Ebay

This is a Sharpener for a Single Edge razor that you can use to improve cuts or bruises, the Sharpener helps to create a smooth, ubes- free from staining your hands. This Sharpener is fabricated of durable materials that will never corrode or tarnish, this is an unique Sharpener for double Edge razor blades. It helps to keep your blades in order and makes for a more sharpened and polished Blade when you're ready to handle them, this vintage stropper 803803 for Single Edge razor blades Sharpener is a peerless way to sharpen your own Single Edge razor blade. This tool makes sharpening your own Single Edge razor Blade easier than ever before, this Sharpener comes with a box and all you need is to find the correct tool for the right job. This Sharpener is designed to sharpen Single Edge razors, it provides a black anodized aluminum Blade and it is produced of durable materials. The Sharpener is basic to handle and it extends an one-hand grip that makes it comfortable to use, this Sharpener also grants a pocket-able design that makes it small and basic to take with you.