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Polsilver Razor Blades

Is a brand that produces high quality razor blades, this set of 17 blades is an excellent alternative to get a lot of personal use with your new razor, and can also be used for trussing or as a replacement for a fresh blade every once in a while.

Top 10 Polsilver Razor Blades

Looking for a safe and reliable pair of stainless steel razor blades? Search no more than the 10 razor blades! These blades are made with high-quality materials and technology in mind, making them durable and effortless to use, with a span of 10 inches, these blades are long enough to reach all the areas of the body, while being thick and durable enough to keep your skin clean and free of bacteria. This is a vintage set of 8 blades for gillette rubie schick bic astra, they are blued and black and are in excellent condition. They are new in box, these are sealed old stock vintage de razor blades. They have a logo and are in 10 x10 format, these vintage safety razor w-11 w original box 10 blades are enticing number for your next shaving need. Made of stainless steel with a black grip, these blades are sure to make your shaving experience an of to-the-point episode, plus, the high quality of these blades means that you'll never have to worry about your razor again.