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Kroger Razor Blades

This is an exceptional set of razor blades for folks who have a gillette mach 3, they come in an 3-pack and fit the following machines: -gilllette mach 3 -kroger mach 3 -dermaloges mach 3 -bioplast mach 3.

Kroger Razor Blades Ebay

This is a recommended items category for your business, these are all specific appliances or tools to keep your staff clean and safe. The new, eat-the- pesh-style razor blades are top-notch addition to your next trip to the store, with a new, square-cut blade and an assorted trimmer, you'll be able to get the job done with relative ease. The 2-pack studio 35 men's double edge blades stainless steel 10 count x2 is a fantastic substitute to have some razor blades when you're need one more, the blades are of good quality and are made from high quality stainless steel that will never lose its luster. They are 2, 5 cm in length with a moderate heat that will not cause any problem for your skin. This product is an 12-pack of duplicated razor blades, each blade being a twin blade system which provides enough power to keep your skin clean and scouring good. The metal design means that this razor blade case won't lose its level of performance over time and will provide your needs for the coming season.