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Gillette Safety Razor Blades

Gillette Safety razor blades are the best quality out there and these are no exceptions! All of the blades are and ground to a sensational size, the, "taste test" found here, show that the blades are of a top-rated texture and size. These are definitely something you want to take into account granted that wanting for a better value or overall performance.

NEW Vintage Old Style Double Edge Safety Razor SHAVING KIT w/5 GILLETTE Blades

NEW Vintage Old Style Double

By Gillette Blades


Fits Schick Gillette Safety Razor Germany

40 Wilkinson Sword Double Edge

By Wilkinson Sword


Double Edge Razor Blade Sample Mixed Pack for Safety Razor CREATE YOUR SELECTION

Double Edge Razor Blade Sample

By Gillette Feather KAI Treet Astra Derby Rapira


platinum double edge safety razor blades/5 In a Pack

platinum double edge safety razor



Brand New

(New) King C Gillette Double

By King C. Gillette


Gillette Platinum Double Edge Razor Blades

The king, Gillette double edge Safety razor is a sterling value for the price. It comes with a razor blade, but you can also get the razor 2 and 3, it grants a Safety razor blade which makes it less risky. The blades are razor-blades, org reviews. This product is a Gillette sensor excel razor blades - 20 cartridges, this is a Safety razor in plastic box double side blade. It appears to have some staining on the top of the blade about where the blade is attached to the handle, the blade is what appears to be the "double edge" type, with a little bit of oil on the hilt. The blade is in excellent condition with no issues, this is a splendid value for your money! Are you wanting for a new, ojure-based Safety razor? If so, then you'll grove on the new and novel king Gillette double edge Safety razor - 1 razor 5 blades. This razor provides 2 razors - one on each side - so you can always find the one that's best for your need, plus, there's now a case for under $10 you can bring to each event you go to.