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Equate Razor Blades

The brand new Equate razor for Equate 5 blades men women cartridges shaver handle no refill is a sterling solution for individuals with a small amount of razor time, this tool lets you get back to your favorite while not needing to refill your razor blade.

Who Makes Equate Razor Blades

The Equate razor blades are top-grade choice for shoppers searching for a versatile blade that can be used for a variety of applications, the blades are made of stainless steel and have 8 cartridges, 5 blades, and 5 trimmer tools. The Equate razors have 5 refills with trimmer, you can use them like a regular razor, only with less waste and more cleanliness. The blade is actually a blade length and not a head size, so it imparts a deeper feeling and better protection. The blade length is further the length of the blade you are using, the blade size is either an or 5 blade type. The trimmer is 500 inch fabrications only, this set of four blade refills comes with an 4" x 2" box to store them in is practical for on-the-go situations. This is a top-of-the-line gift for the women who appreciate to bet on sports, these Equate razor blades are top-grade addition to your gift set. They are made of durable plastic and are high quality made with natural rates.