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Dark Stag Straight Razor Blades

Looking for a stylish and reliable folding razor? Look no more than the this Straight razor is produced with a Dark Stag style that is sensational for a day by the fire, the offers a simple and sleek design that is top-notch for any happenings. It is sure to give you the look you need when you need it most.

Dark Stag Straight Razor Blades Ebay

The Dark Stag barber folding razor is a high-quality razor that makes your shaving experience a bit more special, it grants a Straight blade that makes it basic to operate and keep your status as a professional clean. The blade is fabricated of durable materials that will never corrode or cause any damage, additionally, the provides a Dark Stag Straight razor blades feature that will make your shaving experience even more special. The Dark Stag Straight razor blades are terrific for individuals hunting for a new, different and curly hair type, the blades are made of durable materials that will never lose their shape or texture. Plus, they come with an 2-year warranty, the Dark Stag razor blades are made of high carbon steel and feature a Straight cut throat. They are frankly design with a hard, shiny surface, they are set with a black dlc-coating. The blades are little over 6 mm in length and come with a travel pouch, this is a top Dark Stag sharpening razors sharpening stick with leather strop. It is puissant for sharpening razors blades, the strop is comfortable to grip and the leather is durable which makes it first-rate for during between uses.