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Bromley Razor Blades

Looking for a trimmed blade trimmer? Look no more than bromley's keep it trimmed 5 blade cartridges built in trimmer 4 pack! This high-quality trimmer imparts 5 adjustable blades, so you can get the job done right easily, plus, it gives a nip name and number on the side, so you can be sure you're getting a quality product.

Bromley Razor Blades Amazon

This is a wholesale product so each order can be only $0, 50 each. You will receive 4 boxes of 4 new single stroke razor blades, 2 boxes of 4 total, these are 2 Bromley razor blades for men single stroke 3 blade cartridges 4 pk. They come in 8 razors and are 3 blade cartridges, this is a practical set for the the man who wants a single stroke razor for his home. These are practical razor blades for shoppers who desire to stay smooth and efficient with their shih tzu or cocker spaniel, the clean and clear blades make for easier communication between dog and owner. The Bromley razor blades are new soft guard bar design for shih tzu dogs, they feature a smooth, easy-to-use blade provide and are 7-blade permanent series 8 cartridges. This pack of 7 blade cartridges is 8 pack and features the shih tzu's favorite 7-blade razor blade, the pack includes 8 bar-lengths of 7 blade cartridges.